It might have been that it was a pretty special occasion…

I was after all, celebrating my 31st birthday. But there was enough at work to make the Alexander Keith’s brewery tour the one thing I would recommend for all who make their way to the port of Halifax.

Through tasting the local brews from this famed Haligonian, we felt connected to the history of the city and the culture of the East Coast.

Not only a brew master, but a politician too, Mr. Keith  was a three-time mayor of Halifax, and the head of the Nova Scotia Legislature. Both he and his brew shaped the culture of the region, and even the physicality of the downtown architecture. Take the tour to see the evidence of that!

The samples are generous and delicious – our favourite was the Fundy Low Tide – a crisp and citrus IPA with a bit of an apple taste too.

We came for the beer, but stayed for the company.

The guides are filled to the rim of that special brand of east coast charm and hospitality. Passing us between the rooms, each part of the tour was as warm as the next – save for the last. The tour finishes in Mr. Keith’s (very chilly) historic underground tavern where the last couple samples were consumed to the background tunes of a Ceilidh (an East Coast kitchen party). We were tapping our toes and raising our glasses. Through the brew of Mr. Keith, we felt connected to Halifax.


July 20, 2018

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