Lose your clothes
and find freedom

If the heat doesn’t do it then the crystal blue water will seduce you to done your birthday suit. Join the sea urchins in the salty water and dissolve your problems—and that pain in your knee from the climb down.

Krk is MAGIC.

Said to be the cradle of Croatian culture and given the nickname “golden island”, Krk is loved by locals and tourists. We had big plans to tour its 7 towns, various private coves and Roman ruins, but as travel doesn’t favour the unprepared, we were limited to the small town of Njivice and our 50 cc vespa.

Despite our planning hiccup, we took our over-burdened vespa on the furthest road out of Njivice and were delighted to come upon a coastal stretch of alcoves. No yachts, no crowds just some light Croatian pop music and laughter. We ducked past some brush and trees and found our private cove.