Bring it
to the beach

One of life’s simple pleasures is coffee. It’s meditative, it awakens your senses and turns your brain from AM to FM.

In preparation of our journey we budgeted the cost of sitting at cafes twice a day—it came to a very unreasonable € 1,000. With that in mind, we looked for a solution and were recommended a portable espresso maker by friends of ours (Thank you, Nancy & Bryan). We’ve used this everywhere: from trains (where Italians marvelled and laughed at us) to parks and unfortunate AirBNB’s with no coffee maker. Nothing has been more delightful though, than sipping espresso at the beach, which we’ve dubbed: Beachspresso.

Noto sits on a level plain on Mount Alveria in southeastern Sicily. Typically, when tourists travel to Noto, they visit the town by day and stay overnight at Lido di Noto. Always looking to save some cash, we did the opposite and thoroughly enjoyed our time in the town: amazing food and markets which you can read more about here.

On our third day, we rented bikes and took the hilly descent to Lido di Noto. We cycled through aromatic side roads dotted by villas, lemon groves and abandoned farm houses. Finally, we came upon an empty beach—note to tourists of Italy in May: Italians do not do the beach and are sometimes still caught wearing their winter jackets. 

The sand, like the buildings of Noto, is golden. Paired with an empty ocean in front of us and an empty Lido to our right and left, we settled down into our speedos and enjoyed our meditative Beachspresso. This is definitely one thing to do in Noto!